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New Year Decorating Tips


It’s a New Year and already there are one-hundred things you hope to accomplish.  Your to-do list has slowly become a novel and you may feel overwhelmed.  If you are budgeting for a new home decorating project,  Shaw Building Supply is here to help point you in the right direction.

Our Home Design Show Room is a great place to start.  Here you can see actual products which show many choices for flooring, American-made Emtek door knobs and hardware, back splash material, natural stone or quartz countertops, Homecrest Cabinets, and other items to give your home that “personal” touch.

The best way to start is to know your style and budget.  Once you have an idea of what you are working towards, you can eliminate all the “clutter” that will only end up making you feel more overwhelmed than focused.  It is also helpful to know exactly how much product you will be needing for your new project.

If you are unsure how to proceed with your project, Shaw Building Supply has a list of professional and trusted contractors who can come to your home for a free estimate.   We only refer individuals and contractors who have personally done work for us and our closest associates.

If you are wanting to liven up your home but need an inexpensive project, there are several budget friendly and/or easy ways to do this.

1- Floating Shelves –  Great for hanging on the wall to help create a modern look and add storage to any room.

2 – Decorative Door Knobs – It’s all in the details with our designer door knobs.  If you want to add a new accent throughout your home, you can’t go wrong with this approach!

3- New Window or Door Treatment –  Come look through our collection of doors and windows.  Replacing  your outdated windows or doors can truly enhance the structure, even improving the overall mood in your home!

4- Painting Interior Doors – If you want to liven up your home, a nice splash of color can go a long way and create a statement that says ‘YOU’!

5- Update your Cabinet Handles – Hardware on cabinets is like earrings on women.. Accessorizing your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets is an economical way of updating your home.

6- Install Trim – Wide or decorative mouldings can turn a ho-hum room into a showplace.  You will be surprised how “complete” your home will look and feel with new wide crown or baseboard.  Moulding also provides a nice decorative outline which pulls your eyes toward any room!

7 – Update your Countertops – Another great way to update a “dated” home.  You can choose from natural stones; i.e., granite or marble, or you can use the economical Formica formed tops which are available in hundreds of colors and patterns.

I hope this handful of tips will be helpful to you.  Regardless, we are here to help you from beginning to end of your next home project!

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  1. It sounds like such a fun idea to redo your kitchen. I’ve actually been thinking about doing it myself. I’m going to need a lot of building supplies, though. I’ll make sure I get enough to install trip, update countertops, etc. Just like you suggested!

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