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Hardwood Floors

Wide plank hardwood flooring is really in high demand right now.  The wider planks really help to bring out beautiful grain details and the look of wide planks has a rustic and modern approach that a lot of individuals desire in newer homes and remodeling ventures.  There are a few things you should know when deciding what width and style of hardwood works best for your own requirements and needs.

It is often encouraged if you have your heart set on wide plank flooring, we always encourage it to be either engineered or hand sculpted due to wide plank flooring being susceptible to any moisture in the home. Planks wider than 3″ tend to warp easier in solid hard wood flooring and are easier to cup up and round the edges.. so the hand sculpt really does help camouflage any of this if it is to occur.  Engineered is my personal go to if you prefer 5 to 7 inch widths.  It tends to be more stable in regards to any moisture as well as expanding and contracting over the years with hot and cold.

Also, if you are OCD about dust and scratches on your hard wood surfaces, I also encourage a lighter color such as Red Oak in the color Natural that we have here in our show room. If you are dead set on a darker color but are still concerned about scratching, you can go to most any local grocery store and purchase paste wax.  This extra layer of protection will help with any scratches that may occur.  Paste wax is encouraged to be reapplied over time as it will rub off .

Now that you have done your homewoork with Hardwood 101 , you should have a little more confidence when making that commitment to purchasing that perfect floor!!

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  1. It was interesting to learn that wider planks tend to warp easier. We live in a humid area so we will keep that in mind as we get supplies to build our new home. Is there any special subflooring or sealant that you can use to help prevent moisture from getting into the wood?

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