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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Q. Where are you located?

We are located at 3315 Mount Olive Road in Mount Olive, Al. From Interstate 65N take Exit 272; turn left back over the interstate; follow Mount Olive Road for approximately 3.5 miles; we are on the right. Call us at 205-631-8696.

Q. What kind of products and services do you offer?

We pride ourselves for carrying quality materials at economical prices. If we wouldn’t put it in our own home, we won’t recommend it to you. Because there are so many choices when it comes to home furnishings like windows and doors, mouldings, paneling, and flooring, we offer a wide variety of samples in a wide range of price categories from which you may choose. Why buy “off the rack” when you can order the product custom made for you…for less?

If you’re in a hurry, we have a large selection of in-stock windows and doors, moulding and millworks, plywood, siding, lumber, power tools, locksets, plumbing items, insulation, hardware…just about anything you’ll need to build or finish your project.

Some of the services that we offer are free delivery if you’re purchasing your house package with us or if you purchase a qualifying deck package. Please take a look at our Job-Site Delivery tab.

We also have some very experienced employees that are knowledgeable about our products and are eager to help you with questions about your project. Bring in your house plans, ideas for decks, room additions, remodeling, or any other project and let us give you a quote. Take a look at our Team Biographies and the Meet the Shaw Family pages and get to know us. We look forward to meeting you!

Treated Lumber Products

Q. What is the chemical in treated lumber?

Up until 2003, the most common chemical used to treat wood was chromated copper arsenate. However, in 2003 the Environmental Protection Agency restricted the use of CCA in residential settings because of health and environmental concerns. Today, the most common chemical used to treat wood is alkaline copper quat. Give us a call to learn more about our lumber selection.

Q. Can I bury my deck posts in the ground?

Absolutely! The 4×4, 4×6, and 6×6 posts that we stock receive a higher concentration of treatment to withstand the harsh conditions of being placed in the ground. Depending on your selection, your posts may come with up to a 30-year warranty. Ask us for more details.

Q. What is the difference in a #1 grade stamped board as opposed to a #2 or #3?

The terms #1, #2, and so forth refer to the “grade” that a particular board is given. As the numbers get lower, the quality of the board increases. With a #3 board, you can expect to see a lot of large, loose knots, wane (bark), splitting and warping. The next step up is #2 grade. With a #2 board, you can expect small, tighter knots, little to no wane, and fewer splits. Finally, with a #1 board, you will see much smaller, fewer and tighter knots, only inches of splits, and practically zero wane. All of the treated lumber that SBS carries is #1 and #2. We even carry an “appearance” grade in some dimensions so your deck or other project can have the best look for the least cost.

Q. Why would I want to buy a #1 4×4 post versus a #2 4×4 post?

Since we know that any 4×4 can warp or split under pressure, we stock #1 4×4 posts with square (as opposed to rounded) corners. By doing so, it reduces the likelihood that you will experience these problems under normal conditions. When you purchase a #2 or lower grade post, you are increasing the likelihood of the occurance of these problems.

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