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Bobby Sharritt – Featured Employee

Bobby Sharritt - Featured Employee

From time to time I would like to use this Blog to spotlight someone special – a featured employee whom Shaw Building Supply would like to recognize.    Someone whom we have come to depend upon.   Someone who works diligently without complaining.    This month I would like to tell you about Bobby Daniel Sharritt who has worked with us here at Shaw Building Supply since his date of hire in 1986.

Bobby is a man of few words.  Matter of fact, you might not even remember seeing him while visiting our store.   That’s because he tends to his business of pulling and stacking lumber.    It’s a rare occurrence when Bobby comes into the store and we know if he walks through that back door, he must have an important question which needs an answer.

Bobby was born and raised on Warrior-Jasper Road somewhere between the Crossroads and the Interstate.   He is the third of four children born to Emma Jones and Hoburt Sharritt.    The Sharritt family lived in an old farmhouse without running water or sewage.    Bobby’s mama would draw water from an outside spicket when she needed water for cooking.  She cooked on a wood-burning stove.   Bathing and laundry were difficult, at best.

Life wasn’t easy for Bobby.    Many of the things we take for granted in our homes were not available to him.   To make matters worse,  he was born with a speech disorder;  this made communication particularly difficult for him.   But Bobby persevered and graduated from Corner High School in 1976.

After high school graduation, Bobby held a variety of different jobs.   He worked at the Farmers Market on Finley Avenue but found it to be seasonal; he needed full-time employment.  The Town of Morris was hiring;  he was able to secure a position with them.  He was hired to perform janitorial work and other miscellaneous tasks; i.e., cleaning the local cemetery and picking up trash alongside the roads.

After eighteen months, he again found himself unemployed when he was laid off by the City.     It was at this time that Bobby heard of Shaw Building Supply.   He came to see Jerry at just the right time.  Things were booming around the building supply and Jerry hired him on the spot for manual labor.  The date was February 13, 1986.

Bobby had no experience on a forklift and no experience working with lumber.  He knew nothing about pulling house packages and he was unable to communicate with our customers.  But he was willing to learn.    It didn’t take long for Bobby to memorize our inventory.  He knew the proper place for each size board and he knew when we needed to reorder.   While other employees talked and joked when working, Bobby stayed focused on his job.  Jerry was impressed.   Over the years, many employees have come and gone but Bobby has stayed the course.    He continues to draw a weekly paycheck today just like he has for the past twenty-six years.

Bobby and his devoted companion, a dog named Sparky, live in a trailer park in Adamsville.   Sparky is a terrier-mix and loves Bobby.  The little fella waits patiently for Bobby to come home every day from work.     If Bobby sits down to relax after a hard day, Sparky jumps into his lap and stays there until bedtime.   Then when it’s time to crawl into bed, he curls up next to Bobby for a good night’s sleep.

One day Bobby plans to have a vegetable garden in his backyard where he can have fresh tomatoes, corn and his favorite, watermelon.   He fondly remembers having a garden when he lived at home with his parents.  Although no one in the family helped him in the garden, he still managed.

Bobby recently purchased a bright blue Kia Accent, which he enjoys driving.   On his off day, you might find him at Hooters in Trussville or on Lakeshore.   Other times he is satisfied to watch TV at home with Sparky in his lap.    Because both his parents have already passed away, the Shaw family includes him in our Thanksgiving celebration and on Christmas Day, too.   He is particularly fond of chicken and dressing and Mrs. Shaw’s homemade pecan pie and her strawberry supreme layer cake.

Bobby’s birthday is May 27th.   While speaking with him for this Blog, he shared with a big grin that he would like a coconut cake for his birthday.    I suspect he can’t remember the last time he had a birthday cake.    Perhaps when May 27th rolls around in 2013, he will receive a yummy coconut surprise.

Thank you, Bobby, for a job well done.

Cathey Shaw

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  1. Y’all run a good business there. Your employees are very fortunate, especially in the current environment…..BG>

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