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Deck Railing Options & Ideas

Deck Railing Options & Ideas

We have recently pointed out how building the proper outdoor living space can really help create a nice place to entertain and relax. Depending on your style and your home’s location, some of the rails for your deck can accentuate your environment, helping you feel part of nature or it can help give you that modern look to go with your home’s interior layout.  Either way, it is the details that help bring your home together as a finished product that you can be proud of.

privacy railing

Privacy Railing

metal wire

Metal Wire

Horizontal Balusters

Horizontal Balusters

Vertical Baluster

Vertical Balusters

Now that you see a variety of approaches, it all really depends on the function of your deck and if you are needing privacy from noisy neighbors or road traffic.  You can also choose a minimal approach with wire as railing if you are wanting to minimize any distractions from a beautiful view or you can choose to decorate with alluminum balusters to help accent your home.

I have been seeing a lot of horizontal railings for that rustic lake house or ranch style look.  If you are wanting more of a traditional look, I encourage the vertical then.

Have fun with the little details as it is in the details that will help you achieve that overall look and style to help complete your home and personality.

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