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A Brief History of Shaw Building Supply

When Willard Shaw was laid off from his job at Hayes Aircraft in 1962, he was backed into a corner.

Willard Shaw in 1963

Always a self-reliant man who did whatever necessary to provide for his wife and three children, he soon found himself operating a home improvement business out of his small home in the western Birmingham area.

His two sons, Herbert and Jerry, worked with their father on weekends and during their summer break from classes at Ensley High School.

By the time both boys had graduated high school, Willard’s business, Shaw Construction and Fence Company, was well established with a reputation for fairness and providing quality work at a reasonable price.

By the time Spring of 1974 rolled around, Herbert and Jerry were both married. The brothers continued to work side-by-side with their father on construction jobs and in their window and door shop.

By this time, Willard Shaw was ready for a change, so he moved his wife and five-year-old daughter from their home in the small community of Thomas in western Birmingham, to the more rural, almost farm-like hamlet of Mount Olive. His purpose in their move was to provide better schooling for his young daughter, but he also needed a building where he could relocate his aluminum door and window shop.

He settled his family into a brick home which shared its front yard with a commercial building that once served as Bibb’s Grocery Store. Very soon Willard had his door and window shop up and running.

Mount Olive Road proved to be a heavily traveled road with hundreds of cars and trucks rumbling past all day long. After several father-and-son talks, Willard, Jerry, and Herbert decided to open a small building supply store in the old building. This would provide them with lumber for their own construction and home improvement jobs and, if there was any demand, they could sell to the public.

The date was November 16, 1974. The three men could not have imagined that their tiny business would grow into the Shaw Building Supply you see today.

Shaw Building Supply has seen many changes since 1974. God has truly blessed us over the years with our share of business as well as many good customers and new friends. The small business that began with a father and two sons now has the privilege of distributing a handful of paychecks every week. We are proud of our many accomplishments, but nothing makes us prouder than the relationships we have built over the years.

We remain a family-owned, Christian business that prides itself on excellent customer service and the most knowledgeable employees of any building supply in Alabama. These simple principles are the foundation of our business and very likely the reason we have stood the test of time.

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