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Beautiful homes don’t build themselves! These are just a few of the talented professionals with whom we are fortunate to be acquainted. Their experience, expertise, hard work, and attention to detail are what make your home special.  These two beautiful homes, brought to you by Green Contruction, show the hard work that goes into custom detailing.

Darryl Ray ,pictured on the top image, is well known for his craftsmanship to custom molding for doors and windows. These custom details add character and charm with any size home and help make your living space one of a kind.

Another great example of detailing can be found on the exterior of the home.  The above photo is showing workers take that extra step with detailing the cedar beams.. turning them into beautiful, handcrafted scalloped eaves to help compliment the homes roof.

Details help customize and create a home that can add character of the home owner as well as giving it a finished look.  Never underestimate these little details because they have been proven to have a huge impact with the finished product in any living space!

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