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Shaw Building Supply opened their doors in November, 1974.  Around this same time, the Holcombe brothers, Mike, Bruce, and Steve, were trying their hand at new construction framing.  They were all young, healthy, and eager to work.    The new building supply in Mount Olive was a curiosity to them.   The brothers were unsure of Shaw Building Supply.  They asked, “Who are these men?”  “What makes them qualified to sell me lumber?”   Thankfully, they gave us a chance and, before long, a lasting friendship was formed.

The three Holcombe brothers started in the construction business as lumber “toters”.  Anyone who has ever been around a framing crew will recognize this term. A “toter” is the low man on the totem pole; the person working the hardest and collecting the least on payday.    Week after grueling week of carrying lumber convinced the brothers; there had to be another, better-paying option for them.

At this time, Cranford Rogers needed a framing crew for a new house he was building in Mount Olive.  Cranford’s regular framer was unavailable, so he hired the Holcombe’s.  The three brothers had sufficient experience now and felt they were ready for the challenge.  This house was rather small and went together without a problem.  Until it was time to apply the lap siding, which was nailed upside down!  Every piece of siding had to be removed and replaced with new. Steve still laughs about this first job, which led to many more jobs and a career in home building.

Since 1974, many customers have come and gone through our doors here at Shaw Building Supply.    There have been good times and bad times.  There have been fishing tournaments and fish fries.   There have been births of children and grandchildren to celebrate.  There have also been deaths to mourn.  But one thing is constant –  friendship.

Many years have passed since the Holcombe brothers framed that first house.   Bruce is semi-retired, but when Steve calls for help, Bruce always come through for his baby brother.  Sadly, Mike died unexpectedly in 1990, leaving his brothers and sisters with broken hearts.   Steve now works with his son, Scott, and together they are Holcombe Construction.

Because of his vast experience in construction, Steve can build anything from a small deck or covered porch, to a house of any size and description.   It doesn’t appear that Steve is planning retirement any time soon.  New home owners will be able to enjoy quality homes built by Holcombe Construction for years into the future.   How many years?   No one knows for sure.  But if you need to contact Steve and can’t get him to answer his cell phone, you might want to check the waters at Smith Lake, where he will be fishing.

Thank you, Holcombe Construction, for the many years of loyal support you have given Shaw Building Supply.

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